A couple from Kingman, Tracy Langley and Shane Isbell, who are owner-operator truck drivers, will be leaving for Texas in their semi early Thursday morning to work with Texas-based pet rescue organizations to help save family pets affected by the flooding. A number of Kingman residents have graciously offered to donate needed items, and they will all be meeting at the parking lot of Centennial Park on Wednesday, August 30, to drop off their donations so Tracy and Shane can transport them to Texas. Please, if you can help with items on the list, a monetary donation for their expenses, or to send them off with Kingman’s best wishes, please stop by. A list of desired items includes:

Inflatable boat (can purchase if price is right)
Bottled water
Gatorade (for rescuers and shelter volunteers)
martingale collars (any size)
dish soap
laundry detergent
Dog food
Cat food
Cat litter