The door is open for possible use of helipads in the city of Kingman. The City Council voted 6-1 November 1 to amend a zoning ordinance to allow for possible use of helipads on C-3 zoned property parcels.

The consideration was initiated by the Kingman Ramada and its wish to fly hotel guests from Kingman to nearby area attractions such as the Grand Canyon Caverns and the Grand Canyon Western Ranch.

“We’re looking to make our hotel property a destination,” said Ben Daniels. He said hotel-based helicopter flights to points of interest would give visitors something more to do than buy gas while passing through Kingman.

The Kingman Ramada will also have to get a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) before moving forward with its helipad project. Council member Larry Carver said that’s where the Arizona Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration might raise objections.

Carver voted against the ordinance amendment based on safety concerns. He said the helipad is located too close to traffic moving along Interstate 40 and Historic Route 66.

Other council members and Mayor Richard Anderson said such location specific concerns can be carefully measured when there are formal requests for helipad CUP’s.

“I do have some concerns about safety, but we can address those during the process before making any final decision,” the Mayor said.