download (6)A Gallup, New Mexico businessman is building a new hotel on property he has purchased in the heart of the city of Kingman. Mohammed Aysheh intends to construct a La Quinta Inn on the 2.34-acre parcel that is proximate to the Mohave Mental Health Administration facility, and due west of McDonald’s off of Stockton Hill Road.
Aysheh said construction should be completed before the end of the year. Building plans indicate a four-story, 94-unit motel and 127 parking spaces.

Aysheh said proposed amenities include a swimming pool and jacuzzi for guests and a breakfast component. He said, however, there are no plans for a restaurant or lounge.

Ayshe said he has also purchased a 1.3-acre parcel adjacent to the La Quinta project. He said he plans a second hotel on that property.
Ayshe said he envisions a 70-75 unit hotel on the second parcel, with construction commencing early next year. He said he is proposing that the unnamed north-south connector street be dedicated as “Hotel Circle.”

Ayseh said he currently owns a La Quinta property and a portion of an adjacent hotel in Gallup. He said his contractor for the Kingman La Quinta is committed to local hiring where possible.