A suicide attempt in Laughlin has led to a homicide investigation in Kingman, Arizona. Chief Deputy Mohave County sheriff Rodney Head said Richard Polaski of Kingman, tried to kill himself with sleeping pills at a Laughlin casino Tuesday.

Head said Polaski, 62, told casino security and Metro police that he had killed someone in Kingman. Head said he repeated the information when transported to a hospital in Bullhead City.

Head said Polaski was arrested when discharged from the hospital and transported to Kingman where he was booked into jail.

Head said Polaski has indicated he stole money from a man for about a year and that he ended up killing the man. He said blood and other evidence collected inside one home supported the homicide confession.

Head said authorities plan to excavate a possible burial site, but await return of a property owner who is out of town. Further details are withheld pending the ongoing investigation.