Members of Kingman’s business community are organizing a campaign to recall Kingman City Council member Travis Lingenfelter. The group is working to develop its platform in seeking Lingenfelter’s ouster from office, but it is clear that the impetus is rooted in Lingenfelter’s ongoing battle with the Kingman Airport Authority (KAA) on asset management matters, and with Mayor Monica Gates over economic development approaches.

Kristi Turman has assumed a lead role in the recall that can’t begin until May 8, when Lingenfelter has served his first six months in office.

“I am a former EDMC chair, I have lived in the community for 17 years. I’ve been active and involved in a number of events to promote our community and I feel, just as a concerned citizen, and voter that the direction Travis is taking us is so far out of bounds that he just needs to be removed so that the city can have an opportunity to recover and move forward in a positive light because he is certainly very negative,” Turman said. “I feel that with his brand of negativity that he is not going to be effective in helping grow our community in the way that many of us as business folks feel, and we’d like to maybe give someone else an opportunity to do it better.”

Turman said she and other recall supporters had high hopes when Lingenfelter was first elected, but that they’ve grown disenchanted and now believe that he is dividing the community and holding back its progress. She said Lingenfelter has unfairly distorted Airport Authority issues and attacked members of the business community.

Turman said she expects Lingenfelter will claim that the Airport Authority is orchestrating the recall, and she said that’s not the case.

“I’ve been in contact with many people in the business community that have no connection to the Airport Authority (who support the recall). Undoubtedly, there are folks that have connections to the Airport Authority that feel the same way.”

Turman said Lingenfelter can do everyone a favor by resigning.

“That would be great. That’s the goal. It’s going to be expensive for a recall to occur. We’d love to save the city money,” she said. “Either way, whether it’s through recall or through him stepping down with the realization that the community is not going to stand for his negativity and his improper representation of the city. We would like that (resignation) to occur.”

Should the recall be formally initiated, proponents would have 120 days to gather the 418 valid signatures that would be necessary to qualify the question for the ballot.