Erin Cochran and Richard AndersonI wanted to remind everyone that as this month began on a Tuesday, this is one of those months where our meeting is somewhat late in the month.  In this case, our meeting is Monday, July 21st, that is, nine days from today.  It is not in two days. On the 21st, though, we do have an excellent meeting planned for residents of the city and the county.  As the Mayoralty of Kingman will be decided in the August primary, we will be having both of the contestants for mayor if Kingman, Erin Cochran and Richard Anderson.  We will also have all four of the individuals vying for the two constable positions.  They are Ray Cullison and Debbie Francis competing for the Cerbat Constable position, and Mike Cobb and Neil Hickerson who are going for the Kingman Constable slot.  Mr. Hickerson is also one of the four individuals who have asked to be named to succeed Tom Sheahan as Mohave County Sheriff (Neil actually has to go before the Board of Supervisors on that day, but he has assured me he’ll try to come, albeit maybe a tad late).  As always, this meeting costs a measly $3, with lunch optional and on your own.  It will be held at the usual time and place, the Dambar Steakhouse at 11:30 AM, again, remember, July 21st.  Again as always, no reservations are necessary, men and women are invited, and it is open to the general public, so feel free to bring guests. Also wanted to remind those who get to read this today that Sheriff Tom Sheahan is having his retirement party today, the 12th, at 5:00 PM at the Elks on Gates Avenue.  The event is free, there is an open bar for those who would like an adult beverage, and some food will be served. I have taken quite a number of books to the correctional facilities here, both the jail (they accept paperbacks and magazines only) and to the prison.  I do know these items are greatly appreciated, as neither place budgets for their libraries, and most of the inmates are not lifers, and I do think we are contributing to their ultimate success, even if just a little, and I want to add my personal thanks to those who have contributed.  We’ll continue to accept these donations at meetings, and please accept my thanks. Though of course I have my personal choices, our club does not endorse individuals in Republican primaries.  I always want our meetings to be informative but also fun, but I trust our members to make their own choices.  I did want to pass along some poll results, though, as I follow these things, and I do think many of you would like to know.  In the race for Attorney General (Republican), the latest poll has Mark Brnovich (whom we brought to Kingman last year and who is still missing a vowel) leads Tom Horne 39-25.  And in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Diane Douglas is ahead of John Huppenthal 42-35. We continue to meet each and every week for our Friday at noon Koffee Klatsches, now at the Hot Rod Café.  Please feel free to come on down any week you’d like, the company is great.  We also still have our monthly board meetings for breakfast at Denny’s at 7:30 AM.  The meeting is the Tuesday before the meeting, this month, this coming Tuesday the 15th. Just two more things.  In starting to think about next year, we will have some openings for new officers in the club.  I have accepted the resignation of our secretary, and anyone who wants to be really involved with the club will most definitely be welcomed and accommodated.  In particular, I still have dreams of expanding the club to re-energize the website and make it a virtual gathering place for all things political, and to bring on new young faces, possibly working with the community college.  After all, we have a great recruiter for politics in the U.S., His Royal Highness, King Barack the First. Finally, I’d also like to have some ideas about whom to get for speakers for next year.   If anyone for next year is thinking of running for political office, and would like to introduce themselves to the political community, feel free to let us know.

Looking forward to a great meeting on the 21st.