The City of Kingman and City Clerk Sydney Muhle issued the following press release, clarifying unofficials results of Tuesday’s balloting:

As the polls closed for the Primary election the residents of Kingman had elected one new city council member and narrowed the field for Mayor to two.

State statute allows for cities and towns to use a more complicated formula to elect candidates outright in the Primary election; however, the City of Kingman has not adopted this formula as part of its municipal code.

Under the city code the calculation is based on 50-percent plus one vote for the office of mayor. Any candidate who receives more than this number, whether running for mayor or council, can be elected outright in the Primary election. Per state statute, the City may only send two candidates per available seat, per office, to the General election.

So long as preliminary results hold, Travis Lingenfelter will be sworn in at the December 6th Regular Council meeting after receiving 2,831 votes. Incumbent Council member Lawrence “Larry” Carver and candidates Gary Rucker, Jamie Scott Stehly, and David Wayt will move forward to the General election in November after receiving 1,720, 2,167, 2,106, and 1,543 votes, respectively.

On the Mayoral side, incumbent Richard Anderson, seeking his second two year term as mayor, will head to the General election to face off with challenger Monica Gates who previously served as mayor from June 2006 to June 2008. Anderson received 1,409 votes and Gates received 1,565 votes, the highest amounts among the four mayoral candidates.

Candidate Joseph “Joe” Longoria received 748 votes while candidate Harley Pettit received 696 votes. Only the top two candidates move forward to the General election as no one received more than 50-percent of the vote (the minimum number of votes needed to reach 50-percent was 2,209).

The mayor’s seat is elected to a two year term while three council seats are elected to four year terms, alternating every two years. In addition to Carver, Vice Mayor Carole Young and Councilman Kenneth Dean’s positions are available. Neither Young nor Dean sought additional terms on the Council.

Results from the Primary election will be canvassed at the regular Council meeting on Tuesday, September 6th.