PLANEPlease help us welcome a group of very special temporary visitors for approximately three months!  Starting in early January the skies of Kingman will be filled with Navy jet trainer aircraft from Corpus Christi, Texas.  The Kingman Airport will be the primary take-off and landing practice area while they are here. The three month operation will consist of daily operations of T-6B Texan II trainer aircraft.  Approximately 100 to 150 military personnel and military contractors will cycle through the airport during these three months.  The surrounding airspace for hundreds of miles around Kingman Airport is full of military training airspace designated specially for military operations. “This type of operation hasn’t taken place at the Kingman Airport since World War II and I think we should feel very fortunate to have the military return to our airport to train and prepare our Navy’s future pilots.  During the months of January, February and March, the airport will be bustling with activity.  As you will hear and see, we expect to be a very busy airport for a few months,” said Executive Director David French.  “That includes multiple military landings and take-offs at various times throughout the day”.  Please help us welcome them to our community. For more information on the type of aircraft the Navy will be flying, please visit: 16b.htm.  For more information on the specific Training Air Wing FOUR, please visit: