KRMCOfficials at Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) have announced the five-year plan for facilities at the main hospital campus and the Hualapai Mountain Campus.

According, to Ryan Kennedy, KRMC Chief Operating Officer, the plan is based on population demographics and projected needs for medical services in our region. Those needs are prioritized within budget constraints and other factors that impact hospital operations. He says, “Our goal is to provide a full range of quality healthcare services that meet the needs of our growing community.”

The highlights of the five-year plan include the following initiatives:

  1. Expand the KRMC Cancer Center – KRMC plans to expand its cancer center at 1739 Beverly Avenue to meet the growing need in our community for cancer treatment services. The space will accommodate a new state-of-the-art linear accelerator for advanced cancer treatment capabilities, a dedicated pharmacy, accommodations for clinical trials, and more patient care space. Completion is expected in mid-2017.


  1. Expand the KRMC Emergency Department – Beginning in 2017, KRMC plans to start construction to expand the capacity of its emergency department on the main KRMC campus, which sees over 53,000 patients a year. The expansion will add 20 patient beds to the existing 30-bed facility. The expansion will enable better patient flow and will further enhance patient privacy. Completion of the expansion is expected in late-2017. (Contrary to recent rumors, KRMC does not plan to open a second ED at the Hualapai Mountain Campus in the next five years. Currently, it is not cost feasible to add a second ED.)


  1. Construct a new medical office building – Beginning in 2018, KRMC plans to build a medical office building on the Hualapai Mountain Campus to accommodate additional physicians and patient demand. Completion is expected in 2019.


  1. Move obstetrics and maternity to the Hualapai Mountain Campus – Tentative plans are underway to move KRMC’s maternity ward and newborn nursery to the 3rd floor of the Hualapai Mountain Campus by 2019. The move will allow for more private patient rooms at both KRMC campuses.