Kingman Regional Medical Center’s Physician Services has partnered with The Gardens Rehab and Care Center, White Cliffs Senior Living Center, and The Lingenfelter Center to provide medical care to patients in those care centers who are recovering from a hospital stay.

The Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Provider Program is in its early stages and has been warmly received by patients. KRMC expects to continue this program after a pilot period and hopes to be able to expand it as it recruits more practitioners.

The following providers within KRMC’s health system are involved in providing care:

· Dr. Ted Zegarra

· Dr. Justin Garrison

· Kurt Manley, PA

· Mandi Filla, NP

The program, says Dr. Justin Garrison “is essentially about getting out and serving our community. Patients in this subset of the community need better access to care. As medical providers, that is what we’re here for.”

One goal for the program is to reduce hospital readmission rates by providing better follow-up care. Dr. Garrison says “So many of these patients can end up with poor outcomes for simple problems. This program is like an extension of our office practices, but we bring the care to the patients.”

In many cases, this program also provides an opportunity to establish a primary care provider for vulnerable patients who did not previously have one.