Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is the first medical facility in Arizona to use an advanced new treatment for bladder cancer. IMFINZI™ is an immunotherapy medication, and it works with the body, using the immune system to fight cancer cells.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved IMFINZI™ in May of this year. In June, one patient at KRMC’s Cancer Center began treatment with IMFINZI™, and a second patient will begin the treatment soon.

Dr. Edgardo Rivera, Medical Oncologist for the KRMC Cancer Center, makes a point to closely monitor advances in cancer care, working to treat his patients with the latest innovations in modern medicine.

Newly-approved “IMFINZI™ is not an experimental treatment,” said Kerry Herbine, KRMC Director of Oncology. “Cancer care and treatment are constantly evolving, and Dr. Rivera stays well-informed of medical science’s latest advances for the most effective treatment of cancer.”

“For our community hospital to be at the leading edge of methods like this is phenomenal,” said Dr. Rivera. “I’m very proud to continue to offer breakthrough treatments to our patients.”