lhcIn early 2014, Lake Havasu City retained Clarion Associates to prepare targeted updates of its General Plan and a comprehensive update of its Development Code to better guide future city development.  The project was initiated in April 2014.  Since then, community meetings on the General Plan update were held in September, October, and December of 2014, and meetings on the Development Code were held in July and September of 2014.  The information gathered during these visits helped to inform the current stage of the Development Code process. Clarion Associates has now delivered a draft of Module 2 of the Development Code, and public meetings to discuss Module 2 will occur the first week of March.

When:  Monday, March 2 (5 pm – 6 pm) OR Tuesday, March 3, 2015 (9 am – 11 am)

Where: Police Facility Meeting Room (Council Chambers), 2360 McCulloch Blvd N., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

Development Code Module 2 (Zoning Districts and Uses)

Module 2 of the new Code includes:

  • Article 2 (Zoning Districts) – Presenting a revised, simpler menu of zoning districts available in Lake Havasu City;
  • Article 3 (Permitted Uses)  – Containing updated permitted, conditional, accessory, and temporary uses available in each zoning district and “use-specific standards” that apply to those uses;
  • Article 6 (Definitions and Rules of Construction) – Including updated definitions specific to new Articles 2 and 3.

The intent of Module 2 is to provide a simpler and clearer picture of the City’s zoning districts and the uses allowed in each district.  The text consolidates similar districts, integrates traditional and “form-based” districts, eliminates obsolete districts, and creates broader categories of consolidated uses in a single “Permitted Use Table.”  Based on national best practices, these updates are geared towards protecting neighborhood character and promoting faster, more predictable decision-making under the new Code. A draft of Module 2 is available at:  http://www.lhcaz.gov/generalPlan/ 

If you cannot attend a March 2015 public information session, but would like to comment on this document or give additional input on any aspect of the General Plan and Development Code Update project, please contact Stuart Schmeling at 928-854-0714 or SchmelingS@lhcaz.gov


Interested parties are encouraged to sign up to receive project updates at: http://www.lhcaz.gov/generalPlan/signUp.php