PrisonersBuildHabitatHouseArizonaIn November of 2013, a six-month trial period of the Lake Havasu City Inmate Worker Program was initiated by Judge Mitchell Kalauli with the Lake Havasu City Consolidated Courts and Chief Dan Doyle of the Lake Havasu City Police Department. Judge Kalauli and Chief Doyle felt that individuals whose actions brought them into the criminal justice system should have an opportunity to pay back the community.

The Inmate Worker Program is a voluntary program for those low level offenders incarcerated in the Lake Havasu City Jail to participate in general work projects in a supervised capacity that will benefit both the City and the inmate.  As part of the program, inmates are scheduled for various jobs ranging from in-house cleaning and janitorial work to outside details around the city.  All work is strictly limited to City projects due to judiciary rules.

How does this program help Lake Havasu City and the taxpayers?  As with any city, there is always work that needs to be done to maintain the infrastructure to include cleaning the parks, checking and cleaning the washes from debris and other hazards, and maintenance on  buildings and grounds. During the six-month trial period, participants provided over 6000 hours of labor to the City which equates to savings for the city taxpayers.

Lake Havasu City taxpayers are not the only winners with the implementation of this program. Individuals sentenced to incarceration at the Lake Havasu City Jail incur fines and jail fees that they are responsible for paying.  In some cases, this program allows those inmates to defer part of their financial and community service obligations by their participation.

The City plans to move forward with the program and determined it will be a viable and valuable program for the community.

Additional information on this program can be found at the Lake Havasu City Police Department’s website

Public Information Officer: Sergeant Troy Stirling (928) 855-1171


Submitted by  Jerri Bracamonte