pipe-bombMOHAVE COUNTY–A popular swimming cove at Lake Mohave has been reopened by federal authorities after three pipe bombs were found underwater in the Turkey Cove area.

According to Christie Vanover, spokeswoman for the National Park Service, said the incident began on Sunday, June 7 around 2 p.m. after a swimmer had found one of the pipe bombs underwater.

Vanover said the Lake Mead National Recreation Area Interagency Communications Center received a call regarding two suspicious pipe objects in the water near Turkey Cove, south of Katherine Landing on Lake Mohave.

“The visitor did the right thing in reporting these suspicious items,” said Mark Hnat, deputy chief ranger, Lake Mead National Recreation Area. “If you see something suspicious, it’s important to report it, so together we can keep our park safe.”

As a precaution, NPS closed the area to the public.

On June 8, NPS employees, with the support of assest from Hoover Dan Police, searched the area and found the devices, said Vanover.

Technicians with the Kingman Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety Bomb Squad reportedly utilized a disruptor to render the devices safe.

Vanover said the contents of the pipe bomb are still under investigation. After a thorough search, responders believe all of the devices have been recovered. The area has since reopened.

National Park Service rangers and the Kingman Police Department are investigating the incident and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms have been notified.