bullhead airportStarting in early January 2016, the Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport will become home to Naval flight training operations for new Naval officers. The Airport along with Landmark Aviation will provide facilities and logistics support for the Navy personnel while they are here for approximately three months. Airport Director, Jeremy Keating, states, “The Navy is choosing our airport primarily because they require good weather for this particular stage of pilot training”. The three-month operation will consist of daily operations of the Beechcraft T-6B, a turbo prop trainer aircraft. Approximately 150 military personnel and military contractors will cycle through the airport during the training. In addition to the increased military activity at Laughlin/Bullhead, Kingman Airport and possibly other surrounding airports will also see an increase in military activity. “I think we should feel very fortunate that the military has chosen our airport to help train and prepare our Navy’s future pilots”, Keating noted. During the months of January, February, and March, the airport will be bustling with activity. Keating also noted that the airport does not charge the military for use of the airfield. This will also be a small economic boost for our community as the pilots and mechanics will be living here, eating here, and spending their money in our community. “Let’s welcome the Navy personnel when we see them in our community”, Keating concluded. For information on the type of aircraft the Navy will be flying, or for specific information on Training Air Wing FOUR, please visit the Chief of Naval Air training (CNATRA) website. The Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport is a public use facility that is open to all types of aeronautical activity, including military operations. For more information about the airport, please contact us at (928) 754- 2134. For questions or concerns about military activity, please contact (361) 961-3666.