Democrat state lawmakers are joining community leaders
talking about legislation that promises to encourage more trust and
collaboration with law enforcers. Representative Reginald Bolding is
introducing a bill to require cops to wear body cameras and would establish a
committee to study the use of body cameras in an effort to eliminate the
current lack of certainty in determining what actually happens in these
encounters between the police and the public. 

Bolding is optimistic that this bill become law, noting that people on
both sides of the aisle support greater accountability for law enforcers.  Bolding admits that he has not come up with
any funding for this in a year when the governor is looking to balance the
budget but he says he’ll find it somewhere. 
Bolding is introducing a separate bill requiring independent
investigations of fatal officer-involved shootings. Both bills would come in
the wake of multiple high-profile police shootings in Arizona.