A proposal to brand “Non-Citizen”on dreamer’s driver’s licenses is now dead. Fountain Hills Republican Jay Lawrence, who killed the bill, says he initially thought it necessary after the M-V-D told him there was no designation for immigrant licenses. But that turned out to be wrong,

Lawrence says, as an “elected official” told him alien licenses are, in fact, marked with the letter designation “F”, preventing them from using their licenses in any attempt to register to vote. So he says, all of his issues are put to rest.

Opposition to Lawrence’s proposal was swift and furious. Outraged Latino activists lashed out at the idea of licenses boldly marked “Non Citizen”, blasting Lawrence as a “Nazi”. The Representative evoked the words to an old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

Lawrence went on to say the proposal was still reasonable given similar measures have taken hold in other states. But he says the bill is not necessary and will let it go unless new issues arise to prompt him to reintroduce the idea.

–Barbara Villa