Notable bills passed Monday in the Legislature include:

A bill banning police ticket-writing quotas passes a first test Monday in a House committee. Tucson Representative David Stevens’ bill bars city police from establishing citation quotas or ranking an officer’s performance on the number of tickets they issue.

Representative Karen Fann seems to echo the sentiments behind the unanimous vote, saying, “quotas are never a good thing unless you’re making widgets and that’s not what our police officers are doing.” Representative Rick Gray adds, “the whole concept of giving them a quota, to say you have to give them this many tickets, to me, isn’t saying you’ve got to do your job well. It’s really saying ‘we want this number of dollars from you.’”

But Tucson Police Lieutenant Tim Reese says the policy is not a quota per se, but just one tool to help officers perform at their best. He says too many officers are compromising their vigilance in the streets by putting too much of their focus on computer work out in the field.

The bill now heads to the Rules Committee and then to the House floor.

And a Senate committee has passed a bill that gives new Arizona Lottery winners anonymity for 90 days . Senator John Kavanagh’s bill is intended to protect winners from unwanted attention brought on by their new fortunes, from investors looking for new business, to, more seriously, criminals trying to steal their money and threaten their families.

The winner’s I-D’s would be kept secret for 90 days giving them time to get financially organized without experiencing harassment.  The winner could waive their anonymity and the bill would also not preclude publicizing the city and county in which they live.

–Barbara Villa