Very few survive lightning strikes. But Jaime Santana (right) is remarkably beating the odds more than two months after getting hit. Santana was riding on a horse in open spaces when lightning struck him earlier this year, and there was no shelter to run to. Jaime suffered extreme burns and his heart temporarily stopped and he was given C-P-R at the scene. His brother-in-law was also injured, but not as severely.

Alex Santana marvels over his brother’s progress during a press conference Friday at Maricopa Medical Center. He says his burns are healing, his heart is back to normal, and his brain should be following in the same steps. Sister Sara Torres (pictured left) says he’s up to singing Karioke watching sports on T.V. and successfully writing his name. Alex adds, Jaime’s memory is pretty good, remembering things, “even I don’t remember”. However, Dr. Kevin Foster with the Arizona Burn Unit says there are some memory issues and language difficulties, but he thinks he has a chance of eventual full recovery. Bottom line says, says Foster, virtually no one survives a direct lightning hit he got, so it’s a miracle Jaime’s still alive.

–Barbara Villa