Anya Magnuson, Gina Dattolo and Lauren Intrieri

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2018

Listen: McCain leaves legacy of community connections

PHOENIX – Sen. John McCain’s connections to community ran deep, whether through a high school student learning about his legacy, a native of the Philippines honoring her father’s military service by showing up at the public viewing of a fellow veteran, or a Phoenix woman who said his Senate office saved her.

Lisa Whealy, 54, Phoenix

[fullimage source=”” caption= “Lisa Whealy said John McCain, whether he knew it or not, altered her life. (Photo by Anya Magnuson/Cronkite News)”]

“I went from somebody that was attempting to get a STEM cell transplant to somebody who’s now attending one of the top universities in the world”.


Patrice Garner, 17, Phoenix

[fullimage source=”” caption= “Patrice Garner, a high-school senior, came to pay her respects after learning about Sen. John McCain in class on Monday. (Photo by Anya Magnuson/Cronkite News)”]

“He’s just different from what I’ve heard from other politicians. He’s not for one party, he benefits both.”


Rosemarie Garrido, 52, Gilbert

[fullimage source=”” caption= “Rosemarie Garrido, who was a nurse during Desert Storm, said she chose to go the viewing of Sen. John McCain rather than go to work. (Photo by Anya Magnuson/Cronkite News)”]

“I want to honor a hero I’m sure is not just mine, but for those that have been impacted by his service to this country, especially here in Arizona.”


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