burglary JSNThe Kingman Police Department is investigating a reported burglary that occurred between Wednesday, June 24 and Friday, June 26 at the South Side Little League field.

Jennifer Sochocki, police spokeswoman, said officers were dispatched to the South Side Little League Snack Shack, 1000 block of Buchanan St. on Friday in reference to a burglary. The investigation revealed that the suspect(s) gained entry into the snack shack by breaking a window, damaging property and equipment causing around $700 in damage.

The suspect(s) also reportedly stole a blue Jugs pitching machine and a red Bulldog pitching machine, swamp coolers, and heavy duty electrical cords, 2 black and red striped 100 ft. cords and 2 orange 100 ft. cords. The stolen items had a total value over $2500.

SouthSideBurglary-Red Bulldog Pitching Machine

SouthSideBurglary-Blue Jugs Pitching Machine