LMRFD #1An expert who was tasked nearly two years ago to take charge of a near bankrupt rural fire district has told Mohave County Supervisors that fiscal solvency will be restored by May of this year. John Flynn said the Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District (LMRFD) was $700,000 upside down when the Board of Supervisors (BOS) dissolved the District and appointed him as special administrator in early February, 2013. Flynn said a mix of personnel cuts, asset liquidation and a tax adjustment have been used to pay off debt and put the Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District (LMRFD) back in the black. “The district is running on a tax rate override which I implemented,” Flynn said during the January 20 Board of Supervisors meeting. “The tax rate is $3.68. That reverts back to $3.25 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015.” Chief Pat Moore told supervisors his Kingman-based Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire District (NACFD) has done its best to meet the challenge of providing service to the people of the LMRFD through a contractual arrangement. “We’re still attempting to fully staff three firefighters per day. We do two in the Dolan Springs area and one in the Meadview area as well,” Moore explained. “It’s not ideal but it’s the highest number of people that we can put out there and still maintain our ability to be stable financially.” Restoration of fiscal solvency begs the question of what happens next with the LMRFD. “There are two options,” Flynn told supervisors. “At your behest you can direct me and I will move toward either consolidating or merging, and that’s a pretty complicated process, or you can call for a special election of board members and the communities of Meadview and Dolan Springs will elect five residents to serve on that board and I would transition that district back to local control.” Supervisor Buster Johnson noted that he’s uncomfortable with the Board of Supervisors making that sort of decision when he’d prefer there were a vehicle for the people of the former, but now dissolved, District, to make the determination. Supervisors voted to direct staff to work with Flynn to delineate options for future Board consideration.