Ham Radio2LAKE HAVASU CITY–Supervisor Buster Johnson participated in this year’s Annual Radio Field Day Event sponsored by the National Association of Amateur Radio. Ham radio operators around the country put on the event to demonstrate and train for what might happen in case of a nationwide emergency.

“In the event we experience a natural disaster or a man made catastrophe that shuts down the power grid, our only line of communication may depend on these association members,” Supervisor Buster Johnson stated.

The London Bridge Amateur Radio Association has participated in the event for the past thirty-one years. During the event, the local association makes contact with other amateur radio operators, known as Hams, from all around the country and even to some Canadian provinces. Ham radios can use anywhere from 100MHz to sometimes 1500MHz to communicate to individuals.

“Unlike radio stations and TV signals, ham radios use what is called “short-waves” which allow them to communicate to locations hundreds of miles away,” Johnson stated. “If there is a national disaster in New Mexico that effects Mohave County’s power grid, ham radios will be able to get updates on the event and keep citizens informed,” Johnson continued.

The London Bridge Amateur Radio Association is made up of around 51 members. They currently work out of a makeshift station set up in the parking lot of Lake Havasu City Fire Station No. 2. In order to become a licensed amateur radio operator, individuals most go through the Federal Communications Commission. Licensing requires passing an operation’s exam administered by a team of volunteer examiners.

For more information on ham radios and how they operate in Mohave County, please visit: http://lbara.org/

Pictured above (l-r): Supervisor Buster Johnson, Tom Hutter, and Doug Tebo

Pictured below (l-r): Charles Behnke, Tom Hutter, Charles Kotan, David Benson, and Jodi Rasmussen

HAM Radio3