renaissance faire royaltyLAKE HAVASU-The London Bridge Renaissance Faire & New Year’s Eve Royal Ball is coming to Lake Havasu, & we need your help to make it a success! The Lake Havasu City London Bridge Lions Club is proud to present this 1st annual event, & needs your support as we make history & start a new tradition.

Renaissance faires are well known for drawing visitors from far & wide. Our goal is to make the London Bridge
Renaissance Faire (LBRF) in Lake Havasu a go-to destination for renaissance faires in the southwest. We’re not
just saying that – our location has the attributes to deliver on a Renaissance experience like no other!

• The original historic London Bridge & The English Village
With the special backdrop of the original London Bridge & Havasu’s very own English Village, the only thing
missing is an annual Renaissance Faire! After all, the city’s historic attraction is the biggest single
Renaissance Faire prop outside the borders of merry olde England!

• The distinctive Faire grounds beach location
The Faire grounds are located at Windsor Beach in Lake Havasu State Park. This unique site for the
grounds of a Renaissance Faire lends itself to some interesting & special events you likely won’t experience
at other Renaissance Faires. Where else will you welcome The Royal Court as they make their dramatic
entrance to the Faire by sailing up to the beach of our distinctive location on Lake Havasu? How about a
sand castle competition on the beach? And what a view, as you eat your turkey leg with a nice cold ale &
watch your children play a game of tug-o-war on the grass!

• The New Year’s Eve Royal Ball to kick off the Faire
An innovative component on its own, but our venue boasts a stunning view of the London Bridge for the
festivities. What better ambiance can you imagine?

• Beautiful Arizona weather
Winter in Lake Havasu may seem a bit chilly for the locals, but compared to the rest of the country, it’s
paradise! Wearing your Renaissance costume will be cozy & comfortable instead of stifling hot like you
might experience at other faires!

So what can you expect to see from your donation?
• All proceeds from sales & sponsorship will go to fund our Renaissance Ball & Faire operations. Any surplus
funds will be reinvested in our community, with a percentage going to scholarships for ASU students
attending the local Lake Havasu campus. This event is an important new opportunity for Lake Havasu, its
citizens, & its university students.

• The LBRF Organizing Committee is working closely with the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, the
Lake Havasu City Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), & a representative of the English Village
development. The Committee is confident that this event will add significantly to the year-end Lake Havasu
event calendar.

• Ultimately, as the LBRF becomes better known, we would project strong interest from out-of-town visitors.
Our first year should draw 2,500 to 4,000 faire-goers. Within five years, the draw should exceed 10,000
visitors. This means increased demand for hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and tourist-related services.

• The LBRF character players plan on being part of the London Bridge holiday celebrations, starting with the
Festival of Lights & the Boat Parade of Lights. Our characters will be seen caroling under the bridge &
conducting ghost tours as they recount a witty version of the London Bridge history. These activities will add
to the already-rich holiday traditions around the English Village, as well as provide a considerable economic
benefit to local merchants.