kidney_transplant+interview_C.F.-04.02.13A long-time Bullhead City/Fort Mohave resident is in need of a living donor for a kidney transplant. Stephanie Hendrix has Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and she must be on a dialysis machine 3-4 hours a day 3-4 days a week.

Stephanie is a Mohave High School graduate and now a life-time member of the River Valley High School Booster Club. Stephanie and her husband, Dr. Richard Hendrix, were winners of the 2010 “Friends of Education Award”.  Stephanie is also a founding member of River Fund, Inc., a local non-profit agency providing crisis services to families and individuals in the Tri-State area.

Good News!

Stephanie is eligible for a highly sensitized kidney transplant at Cedar Sinai Hospital in California. This is a new and innovative procedure to give new hope to kidney failure patients. Cedar Sinai Hospital requires a secondary insurance which Stephanie does not have.  The committee believes the answer is purchasing a secondary insurance at a cost of $4,346.00 a month for six months at a total of $26,076.00.

When you meet her you know you have met someone very special… She is always willing to help anyone in need. Now she, needs our help.  Please donate today to help secure the secondary insurance so Stephanie can receive this innovative kidney transplant at Cedar Sinai Hospital.

To donate please make checks payable to River Fund for Stephanie’s Kidney. 

To donate on line go to and click on the Stephanie’s Kidney donation icon, or click on the following,