A 58-year-old Tucson man aimlessly walking for three days near the Arizona Trail west of Payson has been rescued.  According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the man was on a planned ten-day hike by himself when he ran out of food and water after getting lost. The man text his wife and she called for help.  The

DPS Helicopter crew observed “a backpack and sleeping bag strewn about the ground before locating the man in a prone position with one of his hands in the air; the man was unable to even turn his head to look at our helicopter.”   DPS Paramedic Chris Hect says “it appeared the patient was crawling up from the bottom of the canyon where he may have been looking for water.”  The man was rescued and transported to a nearby hospital after enduring three or four 100-plus degree days without food or water.  

Kris Dugan