gvfd The Golden Valley Fire District is choosing a ballot by mail election for the May 19 recall vote. Selection of that option over polling place voting will save the District an estimated $9,000. Mohave County Elections Director Allen Tempert said no one has yet stepped forward to begin circulating petitions to qualify as a candidate to challenge Board member Rhonda Brooks. She is targeted in an ouster effort spearheaded by fellow Board member Steve Robinson. The District last night approved agreements that will have the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) conduct independent reviews of the unrelated terminations of District employees Nicole Guerrero and Tony Demaio. Assistant Chief Jack Yeager said costs borne by the District could exceed $40,000, though the tab could be less than that. The OAH will conduct hearings and issue recommendations as to whether the firings should be upheld or overturned. Those recommendations come back to the District Governing Board for final determinations. Demaio’s hearing before the OAH is already scheduled to begin February 19. The Guerrero hearing would be held later.