A Phoenix man is under arrest for Animal Cruelty. Phoenix Police responded to a call of a dog left inside a chicken coop at about 6:30 Tuesday morning. Sergeant Mercedes Fortune says police encountered a man who identified himself as the dog’s owner. According to Fortune, 42 year old

Adrian Montano explained he forgot to give his animal food and water. Police believe the dog may have been deprived of both for more than 24 hours.

Police called in the Arizona Humane Society to seize several other dogs found on the property in the 1900 block of West Indian School Road. A total of 4 pets are now in A-H-S care. Montano has been booked for Animal Cruelty and Neglect.

Sgt. Fortune reminds pet owners it’s essential to provide adequate food and water to your pets, the latter, especially during these extreme heat days.

–Barbara Villa