Jere Eugene SimmonsLAKE HAVASU CITY-Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Jere Eugene Simmons, 53, a transient, on June 20 on suspicion of sexual abuse, a felony and a contempt of court misdemeanor warrant issued by Lake Havasu City Justice Court. 

Around 12:20 p.m. Saturday, deputies responded to the emergency room at Havasu Regional Medical Center. Dispatch advised that a woman came into the emergency room stating a man took her out in the desert and was inappropriately touching her without her permission and he left without her on June 19. 

Deputies contacted the 59-year-old female victim, who said that she and her friends had been helping Simmons because he has been down and out. The victim further said that she went with Simmons as he was looking for a friend in the desert area near Craggy wash. The victim advised that he was drinking soda and alcohol as they continued traveling up the dirt road. The victim reported that throughout their travels he kept inappropriately touching her without her permission and she kept telling him not to. The victim further reported that he stopped the vehicle and he continued trying to touch her.  he victim said that she walked away from the vehicle and she ended up falling in a ditch where she injured her arm and her ankle. The victim further said that her other friends found her Saturday morning and took her to the medical center. 

On Saturday around 2:00 p.m., deputies located Simmons at his camp site approximately two miles off of Highway 95.  Deputies questioned Simmons and he said that nothing happened. Simmons further said that they were looking for this other camp site when she got out of the car and started walking. Simmons advised that he never touched the victim and they were both drinking. 

Simmons was arrested without incident and a records check showed Simmons to have an active warrant. 

He was taken to the Mohave County jail in Kingman on the charges of sexual abuse and his warrant.