A man is behind bars for kidnapping, brutally torturing and raping an 18-year-old girl.  According to police records, 25-year-old Johnnel Thomas held an 18-year-old girl against her will and repeatedly tortured her by burning her with a hot knife and sword, took a hammer to her hands and broke her arm.  The suspect also poured bleach on her wounds, down her mouth and into her eyes, as well as repeatedly

raping her.  A neighbor witnessed the suspect and another man dragging the victim back into the apartment and called 9-1-1.  A witness also heard the victim screaming in the apartment for help.  Officers arrived to find the girl with a belt around her neck hysterical.  The suspect, who was walking around the apartment naked, ran from the scene after seeing police.  Thomas got away, but was soon arrested after being pulled over for a driving a stolen car.  The victim underwent surgery and claimed the suspect wanted her to sell drugs for him, but she refused.

Kris Dugan