The credit card fraud suspect shot by Scottsdale police last week has died.  Sergeant Ben Hoster with Scottsdale PD says 42-year-old DeWayne Carr was shot in a Scottsdale grocery store parking lot after attempting to ram his way out of a police block.  Hoster says Carr was shot multiple times in the torso when he tried to

run over cops with his car and ram his way through a police barricade.  Carr was transferred to a local hospital where he initially stabilized, but succumbed to his injuries days later.  It took several days to identify Carr through fingerprinting as Carr had several aliases. As it turns out, Carr had a long rap sheet that involved armed robbery, aggravated assault and drug charges.  Police believe Carr was a suspect in a fraudulent credit card scheme.  Hoster says police believe Carr and his accomplices would steal gift cards and fence them to a local business.

Kris Dugan