A 21-year-old man has been arrested after stealing a Prescott Valley Police car.  Police say 21-year-old Johnathon Hoover was attempting to a steal a car parked at the Hampton Inn by throwing a rock through its windshield.  Hoover was hanging with a couple of friends when an officer approached them.  Hoover ran

from the officer and jumped in the patrol car through the driver’s side door.  The officer wrestled with the suspect trying to get him out of the car, but let go to avoid being run over by the car.  The suspect sped away in the patrol car.  Police found Hoover had crashed the car in a ditch a short time later.  Hoover was found near the crash and taken into custody where he allegedly confessed to trying to steal the car and the cop car.  Hoover, who is from Blythe, California, is facing several charges including aggravated assault.

Kris Dugan