An elderly man is clinging to life after being stung by a swarm of bees over two-thousand times.  Golder Ranch Fire Chief William Seeley says 50-thousand bees packed inside a shed swarmed an 84-year-old man outside his Oro Valley home just north of Tucson.  A neighbor heard the man screaming for help in his

backyard and rescued him before firefighters arrived.  The man was transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment where he suffered nearly 500 bee stings on his arms and legs alone.  His entire body was covered in bee stings that ended up being over two-thousand bee stings.  The Centers for Disease Control say that is two to three times the lethal number an average person can withstand.   Seeley says it’s amazing the elderly man survived the attack as two-thousand bee stings is “astronomical.” 

Kris Dugan