A man’s behind bars for Manslaughter, after tempe police say, he accidently shot his teenage sister-in-law late Monday night. Lieutenant Mike Pooley says the suspect, 23 year old Emmanuel Hilero just bought a new 40 caliber handgun, and was showing it off to 16 year old Marlen Hernandez. Pooley

says, at first Hilero was playing around with the weapon, then passing it off to Hernandez, and the pair took pictures of themselves with it. In short, there was a lot of reckless behavior going on with the weapon.

Pooley says, there was still one bullet in the chamber when Marlen gave the gun back to Emmnauel. When he grabbed it, the gun went off, hitting her in the face. The 16 year old was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Pooley says, the tragedy brings home the message that guns are not toys. And he says Hilero knew of the dangers involved, yet chose to be careless with the newly purchased gun. 

–Barbara Villa