krollAn eight year prison sentence was imposed Monday for a Lake Havasu City man who used a knife to kill his best friend and injure the man’s sister, his girlfriend, in October, 2013. Johnathan Kroll, 27, previously pled guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault by domestic violence. Brandon Bonnett, 23, was dead at the scene of the fight he had with Kroll in the garage of the home they shared in the 1800 block of South Rainbow Avenue. Bonnett’s sister and Kroll’s girlfriend, 19 at the time, suffered a serious slash to her leg when she tried to intervene in the altercation. Lake Havasu City police sergeant Troy Stirling said Bonnett’s relationship with the young woman was the subject of a quarrel that turned deadly. The stabbing victims’ mother told the Court that her daughter is scarred by guilt and trauma and that the family is overwhelmed by the loss of Bonnett. “We’ll never be the same. Nothing can fill the hole in our hearts,” the woman told Mohave County Superior Court Commissioner Billy Sipe. “The pain of losing your child before your time is an indescribable memory that never goes away.” More than a dozen family members and friends attending the sentencing hearing wore t-shirts displaying front and back images Bonnett,one of them including his young son. Bonnett’s daughter was born seven months after he died.  Defense attorney Vincent Iannone urged Judge Sipe to consider that Bonnett was high on methamphetamine and twice instigated the fight. “What you have in this case is a defendant bringing a knife to a fistfight,” responded prosecutor Kimberly Aune. She said the medical examiner determined that two of the four stab wounds inflicted by Kroll were fatal. In addition to the prison term, Judge Sipe ordered that Kroll must pay more than $5,000 in restitution.