grayA 20-year prison term has been ordered for a mentally troubled Lake Havasu City man who pleaded no contest in the beating death of his wife. Micaiah Gray, 35, was sentenced Tuesday for the February, 2013 death of Raquel Gray, 27, at the home they shared in the 3600 block of Hollister Drive. Mohave County Medical Examiner Dr. Rexene Worrell testified that an autopsy she conducted revealed that the victim was strangled and suffered more than 120 injuries, including multiple rib and spinal fractures and severe, multiple-age bruises all about her body. She noted lung, spleen and other internal organ damage and said that some injuries required force that might be associated with a stomping. “This is the man who beat her to death over a period of a couple of days,” prosecutor Jeremy Huss said of the defendant. He offered no specific theory as to motive but established that Gray suspected his wife was cheating on him and that she had filed an abuse complaint against him that resulted in custodial removal of their young children by Child Protective Service workers.