HAVASU LODGEThe man who formerly served as treasurer of the Masonic Lodge in Lake Havasu City was sentenced Friday for stealing money from the organization. Harry Bremner, 67, embezzled more than $16,000 in 2013. The President of the organization said the theft totaled roughly one-third of the liquid assets of the Lodge. He told the Court that the swindle scheme siphoned away funds that would have otherwise flowed to needy and deserving charities. The President, who preferred not to be identified said that Bremner abrogated his fiduciary responsibility making victims of the Lodge, his Masonic brothers and recipients deprived of charity contributions. “It’s a betrayal,” he said. Mohave County Superior Court Judge Steve Conn ordered 120 days in jail and placed Bremner on probation for five years. He was also directed to make restitution to repay what he stole from the Lodge.