The budget tentatively adopted by Mohave County supervisors during their June 19 board meeting includes contemplation of a 26% increase in the primary property tax rate. The levy that has been under $2.00 ($1.96 at present) for many years will increase to $2.48 under the spending plan that could be formally adopted August 7.

Supervisors turned to the property tax as a revenue generating remedy after Board member Buster Johnson held firm on his promise to exercise his veto authority over any increase in the sales tax. Johnson wouldn’t budge despite argument that the sales tax mechanism draws some dollars from tourists and visitors while the property tax strictly burdens county property owners.

The spending plan can be adjusted but it cannot be increased prior to final budget adoption.

Almost half of the proposed property tax hike, 25 of the 52 cents, is earmarked for the sheriff’s office. 1 cent is for probation, 5 cents are for the courthouse project, 7 cents are for pension fund debt and 14 cents will cover a projected budget deficit.

Under the current proposal, the owner of a $100,000 home would see a $52 increase in their primary property tax bill next year.