Mohave Community College is offering the community free help learning college level math.

MCC Student Success Center administrators know math causes stress and anxiety for many people, and a lack of math skills can add to the cost of a student’s college education because they will have to take non-credit courses to get up to speed with college-level math requirements.

Worse yet, a lack of math skills can cause a student to avoid pursuing their dream career, because of college math requirements.

“Roughly 60% of high school students in Arizona failed the last AzMERIT test, and many will have to spend time taking those non-credit college math classes to try to catch up,” said Tricia Hanks, MCC Student Success Center Manager.

In order to help people conquer math, MCC is providing students and the community free access to an online system called EdReady, which can be used on your own time. The college researched EdReady and found it is user-friendly and can help people reach their goals when it comes to learning math and preparing for college math placement exams.

“This is a free service we’re providing everyone, so you can see where your math skills are currently, and where you need to be for college,” said Hanks. “Once you see those benchmarks, the system will help you chart a course to learn what you need to know to reach your goals.”

MCC student Andrew Corrieri has already used the EdReady system at MCC and said without it, he would never be able to finish college.

“I struggled with math, I tried several times and failed and thought I’d never get a degree because I’d never pass math,” said Corrieri, “but thanks to MCC’s Student Success Center helping me with EdReady, I went from being afraid of math and thinking I would never succeed to actually enjoying math as I learned it.”

Corrieri overcame his fear of math and never graduating, and will finish up his Associate’s degree in English at MCC this July.

“I’m now graduating, having gone from remedial math to college level math in only a few short weeks,” said Corrieri.

The Student Success Centers on MCC’s campuses are confident that with their help and EdReady you will have the tools needed to conquer college math placement exams.

“You will see how easy it is to use, how fantastic it’s designed and you will have the entire MCC team here supporting you on whatever your endeavors,” said Hanks. “Let us help you succeed in college, in the community and in your life.”

For more information on the free math service provided by MCC you can email, or call 1-866-MOHAVECC.