With official pen strokes, a school funding settlement and first responder pension reform are now enshrined into Arizona law. The certification of Propositions 1-2-3 and 1-2-4 took place Thursday at the State Capitol. The canvass signing involved Secretary of State Michele Reagan, her Elections Director Eric Spencer, Governor Doug Ducey and Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.

Janice Palmer with the Arizona School Boards Association applauds the voter’s wishes coming to fruition. She says, we can finally do right for education thanks to voters who regard funding it as an investment, not an expense, and that education changes lives and strengthens communities.

A buoyant Governor Ducey, not giving into the prospect Treasurer and Proposition 1-2-3 Jeff De Wit may try to delay the first school funding payments, says he expects that first money from State Trust lands to pour into schools as early as next week.

Meanwhile, Secretary Reagan failed to duck out of the canvassing without being noticed by reporters, who chased her down demanding answers to the continued Publicity Pamphlet snag that left 200,000 homes without getting the pro’s and con’s behind the measures. She repeatedly told reporters that the vendor, I-B-M had provided such lousy tech support to her employees the materials didn’t get out in a timely manner. But I-B-M disputes that.