HALL STREETA businessman who served the Kingman City Council nearly 30 years ago is upset that the city has cited him for an alleged nuisance violation. Pat McBrayer vented during the June 2 Kingman City Council meeting.

“I’ve been cited for a public nuisance since I didn’t have an eight-foot sight obstruction fence around this property,” McBrayer said. He expressed frustration that he’s been rebuffed in his attempts to meet with city brass about the bright yellow colored cargo container placed on his property in the center of Kingman in the 600 block of Hall Street.

“I had requested a meeting with the city manager and he was supposed to set something up with the mayor and chief of police so we could discuss the issues,” McBrayer said. “I’ve been waiting a long time. I’m requesting that this issue be put on the next Council agenda, bring it to a public forum so that we can have some discussion about this.”

City Attorney Carl Cooper said the matter will not be taken up by the Council. The nuisance violation is instead set for a Kingman Municipal Court hearing in early August.

Email communications reveal that city efforts targeting McBrayer’s cargo container are more than a year old. The communications indicated that McBrayer declined to remove the container from the property and subsequently declined the directive to put up the sight obstruction fence.

McBrayer told city officials that he felt he was the subject of unfair enforcement actions and he directed attention to a number of similar violations he alleged had occurred elsewhere in the community.

Attorney Bryan Whitney said he’s been retained to defend McBrayer. Whitney said selective enforcement and private property rights arguments are among those he’ll advance on McBrayer’s behalf.