Mohave Community College is celebrating the official grand opening of its new technology savvy facilities to help college students who want to improve their lives through higher education.

”This is a one stop shop, we’ve brought everything together here for the students,” said Dr. Fred Gilbert, dean of Mohave Community College’s Neal Campus in Kingman. “Students will find the services they need to help them succeed right here in one spot.”

The  Student Services Center and renovated Campus Center include upgraded classrooms, library, student success center and one of the largest community multi-purpose rooms in Kingman, said Dr. Gilbert.

“The one stop approach enhances the students’ overall experience, supporting student engagement, persistence and success,” said MCC Board President Phyllis Smith.

Student Services Office Manager Margi Chatwood said, “before this, students could find themselves walking a mile to get a few things done because they had to go across campus and back again, but now it’s all right here.”

Many who attended the September 16 grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony commented on the impressiveness and quality of the buildings, which replaced the trailers used in the past.

“This is now designed so we will have a nice product for our students, the trailers are gone, we destroyed them and built this building,” said Mohave Community College President Dr. Michael Kearns at Friday’s ceremony.

Also a benefit to the community, almost all the $3.6 million for construction stayed in Mohave County.  Local construction company T.R. Orr Inc. was hired as the general contractor.

“I’d really like to thank MCC for the dedication to the community and higher education,” said T.R. Orr Estimator and Project Manager Randy Cook. “Choosing to hire a local contractor also helped the local economy and a lot of people in Mohave County.”

Cook also pointed out, “the building and design are unique, there are no other buildings like it in Kingman.