The importance of student success was a message that came out loud and clear during the most recent Mohave Community College Board of Governor’s meeting. Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention Rosemarie LeFebvre briefed the board on MCC’s mission to make sure all students get every opportunity to succeed.

“We are working to identify students at risk and providing the students every opportunity to be successful,” LeFebvre said. “This is a college-wide effort.”

The registrar’s team identified more than two dozen transfer students who were considered “at-risk.”   Those are students with 5 or more C’s, D’s, F’s or withdrawals from their previous school.

To reach out and help these students succeed, MCC advisors are putting each student on a success plan.

“We will work with students in our Success Centers to help them review for their exams, and we will work with those students who suffer from test anxiety by providing them with opportunities to take practice exams in a proctored test environment in our testing center,” said LeFebvre.   Tutors will also be available along with guided online practice exams students can do at home

The goal of MCC is to strengthen student support services to help all students graduate, along with cultivating a campus environment that encourages student success, she said.

Based on numbers from the past year, the Student Success Centers are popular with students.  645 students used services from the centers for a total of 4,582 hours of academic help.   SSC services include tutoring, advising, supplemental instruction, group study and other resources to help students succeed.