Nineteen Practical Nursing students were awarded a pin from Mohave Community College to signify their completion of the program. The students received their pins during a ceremony on July 21 at the Neal-Campus Kingman in building 200.

Of the students, twelve were from the Bullhead City area. The Bullhead City area students were: Debra Ault, Magda Cruz-Avitia, Heather D’Amico, Brittiney Lonon, Vincent Lopane, Melissa Robles, Steven Salles, Britney Walters, Daniella Young, Linda Enriquez-Curtis, Jourdyn Kort, Gloria Villalobos.

Of the students, three were from the Kingman area. The Kingman students were: Crystal Bentley, Manuelita Riddle, Jessica Scott.

Of the students, four were from the Lake Havasu area. The Lake Havasu students were: Candace Berkenmeier, Erica Espinoza, Micah Hardman, Simone Lindbergh.

Program Director, Cindy Garrison announced “Nursing is not a career, it is who we are. Some may argue that we can teach compassion or others may say we cannot. I believe it is a bit of both. I think compassion is innate and to be a successful nurse, compassion is a necessity. Today, is a stepping stone toward their future and something to celebrate.”