A new innovation in education is starting up at Mohave Community College. You can learn how to repair and paint cars that have been in accidents and gain industry business training, in a show-what-you-know, self-paced format.

“The old classroom model of doing things is thrown out the window with this program,” said MCC President Michael Kearns. “We know a lot of our students are balancing work, family and school, so our Auto Collision Repair program is now set up to give students more control over their college schedule.”

The structure of the program has changed, so now people with automotive collision repair industry knowledge can show the instructor they have a mastery of the skills for a particular unit, and then move on to spend more time learning skills they have not yet mastered.

“With this option, students could graduate from the program with a degree in fewer than two years,” said Richie Mitten, MCC’s Automotive Repair Program Director. “Students can save time and money earning their degree and getting prepared to take the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and IICAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Repair) exams.”

The program is also great for people who have zero knowledge of the automotive collision repair industry. If you need more time to study and learn the skills, you can take your time and work more at your own pace.

“People who have never touched a wrench in their life will fit well in this program because it’s more self-paced and I’ll be here working more around their schedules,” said Mitten. “The students can schedule time to come in, meet with me and work on their skills with some of the most high-tech equipment used in the industry.”

Mitten also has a lot of industry contacts and often sets students up with internships and jobs in local repair shops. “There are so many available jobs out there, I get calls all the time from shops asking if I have any students ready to start working.”

The first phase in this innovative, self-paced program will start on July 10. Space is limited, but there are openings still available.

Contact Richie Mitten for more information. He can also connect you with advisors who can assist you with information about financial aid, scholarships and grants.

Mitten can be reached at rmitten@mohave.edu, or by calling 1-866-MOHAVECC, ask for extension 4415.