Senator John McCain is lashing out at President Obama on his courtship of Iran and his so-called response to Iran’s detainment of U.S. sailors.  McCain released a statement explaining maritime law to the powers that be.  McCain states, “Under international law, sovereign immune vessels like navy ships and boats

do not lose their sovereign immune status when they are in distress at sea.  Under international law, sovereign immune naval vessels are exempt from detention, boarding, or search. Their crews are not subject to detention or arrest. “Furthermore, the suggestion by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and others that the Iranian nuclear deal somehow aided in these sailors’ return is ludicrous.  These sailors were ‘arrested’ in apparent violation of international law and centuries of maritime custom and tradition. Moreover, I doubt the four Americans still languishing in Iranian prisons and their families take great solace in assertions that this new diplomatic relationship with Iran ‘has served us well.’”

Iranian TV has released video of US Naval Captain being questioned by Iranian forces.  A female sailor was forced to put on a headdress three other crew members were sitting on a floor.  Under obvious duress, the Captain states the treatment by Iranian military has been “fantastic.”  

McCain goes on to state, “The Administration is pretending as if nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. Vice President Joe Biden described the incident as ‘standard nautical practice.’ That assertion is patently false.  What’s worse, by failing to affirm basic principles of international law, it places our Navy and Coast Guard vessels and the men and women who sail them at increased risk in the future.”

Kris Dugan