Arizona Senator John McCain criticized President Obama and his administration on their policy on Yemen, which recently saw its government fall to Shiite rebels known as Houthis. McCain appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” after White


House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.  “I’m afraid he and the president have lost touch with reality. Iran is on the march throughout. In Yemen, it’s not AQAP that’s taken over the government, it’s the Houthis.” McCain said the administration has no plan for the Middle East and called for more U.S. military involvement. “There is no strategy. It is delusional for them to think what they’re doing is succeeding and we need more boots on the ground.” McCain says he’s calling for more specialty forces, not standard troops. “I know that’s a tough thing to say, and a tough thing for Americans to swallow, but it doesn’t mean the 82nd Airborne. It means forward air controllers, it means special forces, it means intelligence.”

Mike Sauceda