The world has taken notice over President Obama’s snub of Sunday’s Paris March.  More than 40 world leaders linked arms and marched the streets of Paris in solidarity over last week’s Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack.  Nearly every country in the world was represented, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and more except the United States.  Senator John McCain says not only did the administration blow it by not sending anyone to the Paris march, Obama has been wrong on foreign policy all along exclaiming, “This is the leading from behind President that we’ve seen in the last six years – and we’ve seen the rise of Isis and Al Qaeda, the number was decimated and Isis was a J-V.” 

Senator Jeff Flake says the administration should have done better when it came to having a high ranking official at the Paris march, “they should have sent somebody and that’s too bad, they should have done better here.” 
The White House has come forward recognizing it was a mistake not to send “someone with a higher profile.”  More than one-million people marched the streets of Paris Sunday to rally against the terrorist attacks that killed a 17 people.  

Kris Dugan