Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stays.  After a razor-thin race, Netanyahu edged ahead of rival Isaac Herzog in the last minute for a photo finish hailing a “sweeping victory” in Israel’s elections Tuesday.  As word came down that President Barack Obama sent in operatives to support the opposing party,

Senator John McCain says he hopes the relations with Israel will improve and that “efforts should be made to improve relations between the two countries – thanks to this President, they’re at an all-time low.”  In fact, McCain says “it’s the worst it’s ever been” because President Obama has “poisoned relations” between the U.S. and Israel.

Representative Trent Franks says it’s a good thing for Israel that Netanyahu will remain.  Franks says “there’s no one in the world that understands the dangers of a nuclear weapons capable of Iran as does Benjamin Netanyahu – he is the really the modern-day Winston Churchill of our time.”

Kris Dugan