Senator John McCain has launched his reelection bid for a 6th term in the United States Senate.  Joined by hundreds of supports at his new campaign headquarters in Phoenix, McCain says he’s ready to do battle and is “going all out” for the 2016 Senate seat.  McCain says his goal is to be the Chairman of

the Armed Services Committee where he will focus on securing the nation by supporting the war against ISIS ans stopping Russia’s Vladimir Putin.  McCain blasted President Obama’s foreign policy of leading from behind, his handling of the terrorist group ISIS, Russia and the Iraq War.  McCain added, “because of the absolute failure of Barack Obama’s leadership, this nation is in more danger than in any other time since the end of World War II.”  McCain says he’s concerned about the depletion of Arizona’s resources due to wildfires and touched on the need for water conservation and planned burns of forests. 

While the nation turns its back on career politicians by showing overwhelming support for outside the Beltway candidates such as Real Estate tycoon Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, McCain says the people know he’s not out of touch with Arizona voters.  After 30 years in the Senate, McCain says he proudly stands by his record.

Kris Dugan